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to garnish: 4 spring onions, finely chopped, & a handful of chopped coriander. STEP 1. Stir with chopsticks to unravel the tight nests. For the sauce, we adopt the traditional Chinese cuisine approach to mix XO sauce with aromatic minced garlic. Aubrey July 15th at 1:13 am. When removing the noodle to the bowl, add some noodle soup into the bowl as well. Add the pippies and cook for 1-2 minutes until the shells are fully open. XO sauce is popular in Hong Kong as well as the southern regions of China’s Mainland, like Guangdong. Make an omelette by heating 1 tablespoon of the oil in a wok or frying pan over medium-high heat. Soak both dried scallops and dried shrimp in boiling water for at least 30 minutes to overnight. Straight from the pan, this stir-fry pork & veggies in XO sauce is a result of clearing the fridge of the odd leftovers after making stir-fried seven vegetables & claypot pork noodles.The leftovers (minced pork, sliced pork and assorted vegetables) are stir-fried together in a delicious XO sauce. I’ve not familiar with XO sauce but it sounds like a super delicious condiment. The dried scallops are a little expensive, but that’s kind of the point. Heat the remaining oil in a wok over high heat, add the XO sauce and stir through quickly. There is one difference when making a stir-fry with XO sauce. And I love those little jars you used for the sauce! This vegetarian version features a cast of aromatic spices, soy sauce, honey, garlic and shitake mushrooms to create the craveable savoriness that traditional XO sauce is known for. Get Chef John's XO sauce recipe here. This is an easy recipe for stir-fry prawns, for one can hardly go wrong with XO Sauce. Put the dried scallops, shallots, garlic, fresh chillies, ham and shrimp into a wok (or a large pot) and mix in 1 litre (4 cups) of oil. Add garlic and XO sauce. I have since gotten many great feedback from readers on that dish. XO Sauce only appeared in Cantonese cuisine as a result of the boom times of the 1980s. XO Sauce Recipe Instructions. My XO sauce recipe is a mimic of the famous Lee Kum Kee brand and I am proud to tell you that it fares very close to it, with some of my friends say it is even better than them! XO sauce is made of roughly chopped dried seafood, including scallops, dried fish and shrimp, and cooked with chili peppers, onions, and garlic. Both of them are salty. 60g dried scallops* 60g dried shrimp* 1/4 cup Shaoxing wine . Makes about 350ml. Dried seafood. Stir for a minute. XO sauce is one of the best seafood sauce, packed with umami flavors, so potently delicious with a hint of spiciness. Add bean sprouts and green onion. Transfer to a sterilised jar, cool and refrigerate until required. For perfecting mixture, we simply steam abalone to and make it juicy. You can adjust the amount of oyster sauce and XO sauce. 1 thick rasher (about 70g) smoked bacon, cut into thin strips When I posted that recipe online, my page hits went through the roof. It uses dried seafood such as scallops and shrimp, along with dried ham. Add soy sauce, sugar and dried chillies and cook, stirring occasionally, until well combined (1-2 minutes). 4 thoughts on “ Homemade XO Sauce (XO酱) ” Kevin M September 30, 2020 at 6:51 pm. Thus, adjust the proportion only. I feel that using XO sauce on anything at … Ingredients. 1 tbsp peanut butter. XO Sauce is a seafood sauce popular in Cantonese cuisine and it’s rather pricey (about S$20 per bottle) due to the dried scallops which is a premium Chinese dried good. To me, foods coated in XO sauce simply taste good, so it is a god-sent sauce for stir frying for lazy cooks like me. Stir for 3 more minutes. Mix well and cook for 1 minute. With a delicious sauce, tender shrimp, and refreshing broccoli, the dish is a medley of delectable yet healthy ingredients. 2 tbsp xo sauce. In this dish, I’m using Lee Kum Kee’s new Seafood XO sauce, which is available in major supermarket. Your photos are gorgeous! Add remaining 1/2 cup oil; reduce heat to low and simmer until oil is infused, about 30 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes. XO sauce seems like such an ambitious recipe to me. XO sauce is a very delicious sauce that was originally invented here in Hong Kong in the early 80’s. The outcome of the dish is amazing, both amazingly simple to make, and amazingly delicious. Heat peanut oil in a 12″ skillet over medium-high heat. Reply. Add the stock, sugar, salt and soy sauce and simmer for 1 minute. To their great surprise and delight, this homemade xo- sauce was so popular that for … XO sauce will keep for a month – the flavours will intensify over time. Add the cornflour mixture and the spring onions and toss to combine. This sauce, allegedly from Hong Kong, is called XO to equate its extravagance with that of "extra old" fine brandy (though there is none in the recipe). In Hong Kong, where XO sauce was invented, dried shrimp or scallops and Chinese ham are combined with chiles to create a powerhouse condiment that is salty, spicy, and funky. What is in Chinese XO Sauce? She found the xo-sauce available in shops could not meet up to her requirement and therefore, decided to prepare her own xo-sauce with the help of her trusted chef “Fat Kor”. 1 cup vegetable oil . Taste and add more xo sauce if desired. Stir-fry with XO Sauce. The first dish I made with this XO sauce was Pan Seared Scallops with XO Sauce. The term XO comes from the word extra old cognac. i’m loving the newspaper and photos, so good! In a wok or large skillet over high heat, add 1 tablespoon oil. 1. For those who do not know what XO sauce is, it is a savoury gourmet condiment made from Chinese ham, dried scallops, dried shrimp, dried squid & spices. Add turnip cake. Add the eggs and use a spatula to stir the eggs around until almost set. Drain and keep aside. Add all the sauce, chili pepper, and cook for 3-5 minutes. 3 tbsp XO sauce 2 tsp soy sauce 2 tsp sugar 100ml chicken stock (try not to use a cube) half a teaspoon sesame oil white pepper 1 spring onion - sliced into julienne coriander - a few tbsp of picked leaves What you do First cook your noodles in boiling water for two minutes. Thanks to you and Lilja for this most interesting recipe, I love the idea of making XO sauce at home and your sauces are always amazing! Hi Maggie! A relative newcomer to the recipe stage, XO sauce is believed to have first popped up in Hong Kong during the 1980s. For the seasoning sauce, combine the ingredients and set aside for later. This is the first time I’ll be making homemade XO Sauce … Serve immediately. In a large wok heat the vegetable oil and gently fry the onion, garlic and ginger. Once they’re ready, combine dried seafood with shallot and garlic in a food processor. 1 tsp prawn paste (optional) 5 eggs, lightly scrambled. It’s a collection of the most prized ingredients from around China, and it was named after XO cognac – a status symbol of decadence and sophistication in Hong Kong at the time. This recipe … The sauce is mainly made with dried seafood (dried shrimp and scallops), chili peppers, garlic, shallots, and sugar. The oyster sauce adds seafood favor while XO sauce adds seasonal sauce. Remove from heat and let cool before transferring to an airtight container. Add wine, sugar, bean paste, and soy sauce and pulse to combine. To serve, cut or break the bun in half and assemble the bun with the steak, sauce, mushrooms, emulsion, lettuce, mint and basil with the lid on top. XO sauce is an umami-packed condiment has it all – savory, smoky, sweet, spicy and salty thanks to key ingredients like dried shrimp and scallops, cured ham, chilies, onion, oil and more. Steamed Abalone in XO Sauce is the best recipe that combines abalone and XO sauce, which provide a moist and strong taste. You can usually find XO sauce at Asian supermarkets. Add oil to a wok and cook over medium-high heat. STEP 2. The ‘XO’ comes from the same denotation assigned to cognac, “extra old”, even though this sauce doesn’t use cognac in the creation of it. Add the mince and xo sauce and fry until cooked. Instructions. Tips. What is XO sauce. This is an easy home-cooked stir-fry recipe that anyone can make. 2. 1 tbsp each sesame oil and soy sauce. Transfer to serving plates.

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